Written by
Leza Miles
June 2015
Written by
Leza Miles
June 2015

Do you remember your dreams? I seem to only remember parts of mine. I sometimes dream in black and white but mostly the dreams are in color. However I dream, I always wonder what does it mean. Dreams and nightmares can come in many forms. I have heard different things but recently I have come to use a dream dictionary to help me figure this stuff out. I believe that dreams help you to understand what is actually going on in your life. They can provide the answers to many things if only we understood what they meant. Researchers have been studying dreams for a long time now. It has been proven that you can even predict the future by way of dream analysis.

As we go about our day, we experience many emotions – anger – love – fear – and even dependence. All these things we take to bed with us. As we sleep, these emotions are still very active and our subconscious becomes our tool to gathering information and answers. If you are a believer in astrology, you may use dreams as an addition to understanding and communicating with others. Putting together the pieces can prepare you for an unfortunate event that is about to happen or one that will give you much pleasure.

I remember dreaming that I was possessed by a demon. According to the Dream Hawk “to have this dream reoccurring would frequently be described as the invasion of demonic forces. If one has this dream on a regular basis, it is advised to sleep with a bible under the mattress.” This really scared me as I know demon-possession is very possible. So I looked up the meaning of my dream. What it told me was very interesting and accurate. It suggested that “many things can possess us and when we try to confront them, there is usually a struggle.” Some of us turn to pills, drugs and even tobacco as a relief from what bothers us.

I smoke and it has become a problem for me, so when I read this, I wanted to learn more. The article by Tony Crisp said that we use these things in effort to suppress our feelings....and sometimes, we become “possessed” by these things. I smoke when I'm upset usually in effort to calm my nerves. Do you? But it can be a troubled relationship, “difficulties in parenting” or financial worries that make us toss and turn at night or to use those substances to cover our feelings or fears and to have these bad dreams. Once we conquer the problem, then those dreams should go away. They come only to confront us and when we do, we can find relief even in our sleep.


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