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I have been sending out query letters with our proposal and pages for our memoir, 150 Years of Marriage, a memoir of three love stories, two WWII veterans and their babyboomer children, to agents for some time now.  We have not gotten very many responses.  None of them positive so far.  It took months for us to write and edit the proposal, but we think it is well written and very complete.  In addition, we have a blog that my husband mostly writes at marriagememoir.com.  We have been writing posts for it for more than two years.  We do get some comments and the readership has grown, but we are working on expanding it.  We are also sending out articles to magazines to try to get published. 

I am primarily a fiction writer.  I write short stories, poetry, flash fiction and am working on a novel.  I have entered contests with my short stories, but have not won any of them or been published except in small journals.  I am editing and reviewing the stories I have not sent out yet and looking for markets.  I enjoy writing short stories although some of them are long.  My novel is about halfway finished.  I have an idea of where the story is going, but it is complicated.  I do believe that my novel will have sequels because the characters are very compelling and interesting. I want to write more about them and explore more of what they are going to do in the future.  I have attempted to write two novels previously – one of them a mystery and the other one is more of a journey.  I have not finished them, but sometimes the characters haunt me.  It is like they are waiting for me to complete their story.   I have a very big imagination which is why I write a variety of items.

  I am also an artist.  I make art quilts, origami figures, mobiles, cards, and collage cards.  I also do a lot of needlework and sew some of my clothes.  Lately, I have been altering and redesigning clothes that my mom made for herself into clothes for me.  It is working out well and I love doing it.  My mom was a quilt teacher, lecturer, and designer. I have also lectured  about my quilts. I have a long program that I do about the life of Harriet Beecher Stowe.  I have made a redwork embroidered quilt to illustrate her life, and a doll quilt and I dressed a doll in Civil War costume.  I also made a costume that I wear when I give my lecture.  I am going to be contacting more places to do my lecture in the coming months.

I wanted to do this blog to express what I am doing with my writing especially my fiction, the problems I am running into, and whatever solutions I find.  I do want to share markets I am coming across in my search for publication.  I hope to find other writers who can chime in on what is happening to them.  I believe firmly in networking, exchanging ideas, and encouragement.  I would appreciate your comments very much. I also read a great deal and some of my blogs will be about books I like and writers I admire.  Have a good day.  Crystal

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