Online courses: How can they help me grow my business?

When company managers hear the word “online”, they usually associate it with google, facebook and twitter.  So what they hear “online courses”, your first thought is not one of “my employees can learn something new”.  Instead you’re thinking “great, another way they can waste time on the internet.”  However, LMS’s have been proven to have many uses in business, increasing company productivity tremendously.   A good LMS is able to have multiple users, online study material, online instructional videos, online tests and a management area for monitoring all of the users.  This may sound a bit too much like technical jargon, so let me shed some light on the subject.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime

The beauty of an LMS, is that all your employee needs is a computer or tablet, and an internet connection.  This means that whether they’re at the top of a thirty-story building, in the bathroom or out at a coffee shop, they can access the LMS and start learning.  LMS’s are also written and managed in such a way, that anyone -no matter whether they went to university, college or just high school- can use the program.  LMS’s are simple and easy to use. Even school kids and university students are using them as extracurricular supplements.

Management made easy

ProProfs LMS’s come with a built-in management section of the programs and websites -the “M” in LMS standing for “management”-, and the beauty of this, is that you or a colleague can monitor the progress of your employees. You can see who’s struggling with coursework, who’s racing ahead and what the marks on their exams and tests are. The benefits of this, is that you get an inside look at your employees and how they work, without having to walk past their cubicles to monitor them.  Another benefit of this, is that you will soon be able to see who’s fit for promotion, and into which fields they should be placed.

Diverse topics

Another benefit of LMS’s, is that new courses are always being written and released.  So if you can’t find a course on “how to sterilise desks” or “How to balance accounts”, be assured that there will be one written on that topic shortly.  If you happen to have a topic that you can’t find a course for -although the chances of this are slight-, a simple request to the LMS company that you’re registered with, will result in that course being written for you.  It’s simple supply and demand.  If you demand a course, it will be supplied to you.  However, more common topics, such as accounting or data capturing for example- are readily found online.  All you need to find them is a few clicks with your computer mouse.

Reduced costs

Because it’s online, it means that there is no papers, books or lectures involved.  So when you have a need for your employees to learn time management (for example), you don’t need to hunt for lecturers, books and free time slots for all of your employees.  You simply register, and create users for all of your employees that require learning.  This greatly reduces the costs of learning, as you’re not paying for the hours that are used, only the rights of use for the online videos and tests.

The last word

So to summarise this article, if you’re looking for quick, easy and affordable learning for your employees, learning that can be accessed and monitored anywhere. If you’re looking for progress tests and diverse topics. Then an LMS is the logical way forward for your business.

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