Written by
Agatha Rodi
June 2015
Written by
Agatha Rodi
June 2015


A crucial decision for every writer is if  the chosen POV in the opening sentences of his book’s chapters will dominate in the entire chapter or if  a POV shift is necessary? Once the writer starts writing then it is really difficult to stop the flow of his own thinking and control the POV change. But he has to do that.

Checking on the POV change, is one of the tasks the writer has to keep always in mind. In other  words deciding whether the POV needs areal change through the introduction of a nice blending   of emotional arc and conflict. 


A friend of mine, a memoir writer, is confused on either switching from first person into omniscient viewpoint.Dealing with the first person POV is considered to be as a friendly way to convey your story. Writing in first person gives a lot of freedom to express yourself but then writing a memoir involves other people’s stories connected with your own one and the impact they had in your life. The first person narrator is restricted in writing what the narrator knows. The reader has the chance to be  connected with the writer himself and create that special bond with his story.

By choosing to write from a third person omniscient POV,  this means you have to jump from one character to another. The writer seems to know everything about his characters, their motives, their  involvement in events. I suggest the chapter break technique so that the POV changes between chapters by having the POV character’s name introducing a new chapter title.

The omniscient POV not only uses his lenses to go deeper in emotions and thinking for each one of his characters but also has the advantage of a scenic view of them. This can be enlightening for the reader thinking of an omniscient narrator who is able to relate even actions, dialogue that took place in the past.

Characters always matter in the plot through their actions or thoughts. The writer has to make the right choice of adding more dynamism to his writing. The best method to use is the one that works for him better. Enjoy writing and don’t be intimidated of your own thinking. Writing is your chance to make known your characters through careful transition.

Till next Friday’s Rock Post, enjoy writing and knowing your characters!

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