I Thought This Was Going to be Easy
Written by
Suzy Soro
June 2015
Written by
Suzy Soro
June 2015

I wrote in journal style on another platform while I was outside the United States taking care of my mother. I had no intention of turning it into a memoir but was encouraged by well-meaning individuals (who do not know my mother) to do it. So now I'm back in the US, have copy and pasted the journal into a Word doc, worked on the first draft, now on the second and it's far from easy. 

The hyped up emotions I went through in France now a distant memory, rewriting it is depressing me nonetheless. I'm filling in the blanks from the journal with the reality of what actually went on, having left out some incidents because of certain people reading it on the Internet. I keep going because I can't not keep going. I even had a cover made so I couldn't quit. 

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