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  • Has She Writes Had An Impact On Your Writing Career? Tell Us How!
This blog was featured on 08/30/2016
Has She Writes Had An Impact On Your Writing Career? Tell Us How!

In just a few weeks, on June 29th, it will be six years since Deborah Siegel and I opened the doors of this virtual community. We started with forty founding members, including Gretchen Rubin, Francine Prose, Amy Sohn, Hope Edelman, and Christina Baker Kline, just to name a few, and we are now more than 26,000 strong. In preparation for this anniversary, Debbie and I are working on an essay about why we think community is such a powerful tool for women in publishing, in particular, and we are looking for evidence of what we know is true: SheWrites.com has had real and meaningful impact on the lives of its members. We are most interested in concrete outcomes: stories like that of Amy Ferris and Hollye Dexter, who were "She Writes" friends before they ever met in real life, and ended up editing and publishing an anthology together with She Writes Press. If a relationship here, or a connection you made, resulted in something that changed your writing life, we want to hear about it!

I'll share more of my story over the coming weeks, but suffice it to say this community has changed my life FOREVER. For one, I met Brooke Warner through SheWrites.com, and three years ago on June 29th, we announced our new venture, She Writes Press. It was also through a fellow She Writes member, the memoirist and cover designer Julie Metz, that I met our new CEO Crystal Patriarche. Providing people with a platform where they can connect, express their interests, and find collaborators is one of the best ways to change an industry and the world, and I am constantly inspired by the stories I hear from all of you.

So please, share them here in the comments, or feel free to write to me at kamy(at)shewrites(dot)com. I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

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  • Michelle Cox

    I first heard about She Writes at the Writer's Digest Conference in New York when I attended a workshop there by April Eberhardt, a traditional literary agent to the Big 5, in which she spoke about a new concept called hybrid publishing.  Later that weekend, I also attended a workshop by Kristen Harnisch, a Harper Collins and SheWrites Press author.  Both helped a newbie like me to not only begin to unravel the traditional publishing world (a work still in progress) and this new hybrid world that seemed full of exciting promise.  I submitted a manuscript to She Writes shortly after (see my She Writes blog for the longer version of this adventure) and received a very honest, kind call from Brooke in which she attempted to help me understand where my manuscript might fit in, which turned out to be nowhere, really.  As disappointing as this was, it was refreshing to at least have some honest feedback after spending almost a year sending off query after query into the dark, never to hear even the faintest echo in return.  I then went back to the drawing board and wrote a whole new (shorter!) novel, A Girl Like You, which is being published next April by, of course, SheWrites.  It has so far been a wonderful experience, particularly because of all of the support from fellow authors, who delightfully vary on the spectrum of publishing experience.  Congrats, She Writes, on 6 years! 

  • Thanks so much all, I'm very moved and inspired by these!

  • I found "She Writes" on the "Room of her Own" site several years ago and became a member instantly. Since then, I have written a gardening book, maintained a blog, and have been leading a writer's group inspired by Jill Jepson's "Writing a Sacred Path" posts and e-newsletters.  I have applied for a Hedgebrook residency and met more writer friends, keep more than one journal, and will keep following fellow writers on SheWrites for a very long time.  The weekly inspiration from all of the posts on this site has kept me going as a writer. The idea about developing a writer's platform and maintaining is one I learned about here and have started to work on while I wiggle into my days moments to write out/elaborate upon notes for my first novel. Thank you all for being a very supportive community!

  • Betty Hafner

    In the process of finishing up my memoir, I made an 11th hour decision to keep my reflections in past tense but change my reliving (the scenes) to present tense. I wanted to know what everyone in the world thought about that idea so I Googled it. Not only did a Brooke Warner post show up first, but after reading scores of advice from others, hers turned out to be so much more helpful to me than anyone else's. Also thanks to the She Writes Newsletter and the webinars, I feel ready to move ahead when it's finished.

  • She Writes changed MY life in sooo many ways - but that's an essay in itself! For now, I'll just share that creating it with Kamy--at the very moment when I was about to become a mother--reaffirmed my faith in entrepreneurial women's ability to do work differently. And, as Gloria Steinem reminded us--when we sat down to brainstorm with her (remember that, KW?)-- the power of women's writing to change the world :)

  • Sue Y Wang

    Love the newsletter -very informative, and just knowing there is a company of inquisitive, reflective, and accomplishing writers to be with is huge for me, a newer writer. Thank you for She Writes.

  • Stephanie Urdang

    The She Writes newsletter is something I always put aside for uninterrupted savoring.  It's full of realistic and positive advice, a constant encouragement and education toward all the endeavors of getting work out there.  The articles have led to files of information I want to refer to at a later time.  AND, because of a contest given by Huffington Post listed on She Writes, I published an essay on The Moment I Knew My Marriage Was Over, complete with a photo of the swan bed under the leaking roof that became the final straw.  That was my first official published piece, and now I do two paid columns, have finished a memoir, and am generally more engaged as a writer.  Thank you so much!  

  • These are wonderful, keep them coming!

  • JoAnne Myers

    All really great articles.

  • Ellen Sherman

    A writer friend introduced me to SheWrites.com, and I immediately warmed to the community and began reading, and learning from, the wonderful -- and wonderfully varied -- posts. Through the website, I learned of She Writes Press, and was soon connected with Liz Kracht, who (as Rita Gardner attests below) is an incredibly gifted and giving editor. Now I am eagerly awaiting the publication of my novel, Just the Facts, in September -- and am still learning from the community as well as from Brooke Warner, Cait Levin, and other SWP authors. It has been a wonderful journey!

  • Kelly Simmons

    I had two books published by the time I discovered She Writes but I was still not super-confident in my public appearances, conferences, workshops and panel discussions --  more established writers always seemed smarter and more literary, like brilliant professors.  I was still struggling to find my own performance voice when I won the She Writes/Huffington Post Divorce Essay contest -- and was invited to read at an event in NYC.  I practiced and practiced my funny little piece until I felt like I was ready.  The evening was a great milestone for me, performing with people who were super-entertaining and funny -- there were comedians as well as writers -- and yet, I was prepared and felt like I held my own nicely.  I gained a lot of confidence that night despite my nerves!

  • Rita Gardner

    I recently unearthed a written vision statement I’d penned to myself 10 years ago – when I started writing my memoir “The Coconut Latitudes.” It was full of lofty goals including the “upwards of $50,000” advance and the obligatory stint on Oprah. WELL. Ten years later, while neither of those particular dreams came true, my She Writes publishing experience has yielded far more valuable treasures. One is the rich friendships and connections I’ve made with other She-Writers –these are priceless gifts. Another prize was the inestimable help from my editor, Liz Kracht, selected from She Writes-approved list of candidates with whom to work. Thirdly was the continued help and dogged commitment from Brooke Warner, Kamy Wicoff, Cait Levin and the entire She Writes team. I feel as though—for the first time in my life—I actually occupy myself rather than presenting myself as I want others to think of me. The biggest gift of all has been purely—surprise after surprise! Such as: Discovering my story moved many to tears; prompting them to share parts of their painful pasts for the first time. Making unexpected family connections (again, a present larger than any amounts of money or fame.) The shock of finding out I’m already twice a Gold Award winner (and just last night a call from a third awards organization letting me know I’m a finalist again.) To all writers pondering publication, prepare yourselves for a journey of discovery, amazement, joy, and possibly some tears. And I’m SO grateful that She Writes Press said yes to my story (and to other writers’ equally moving books.) Without that “yes” – I certainly wouldn’t be living THIS new life. I don’t think Oprah could touch this!

  • Patricia Robertson

    My daughter introduced me to SheWrites a number of years ago. I signed up but was not active at first because my life was so busy at that time. Now I look forward to receiving the newsletter each week. I have found lots of solid information to help with writing, marketing and all of the other aspects of being a writer in this Internet age. I've also made helpful connections and have done blog posts for Zetta Brown's Reality Check. But I'm still just scratching the surface as far as ways in which I can benefit from SheWrites. Keep up the great work!

  • I can't believe shewrites is already 6 years old! Congratulations! This community has impacted my writing life in so many ways and I've yet to piece it all together until now. I turned to shewrites shortly after I began blogging in 2009. I found several online 'friends' and one even convinced me to attend my very first writers conference (Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop) which I've now attended twice. This conference, and the connections, inspired me to write a humour memoir. When bogged down with life but with the desire to finish this WIP, I turned to shewrites again and hired editor Annie Tucker whose guidance, support and expertise helped motivate me to finish the memoir. The book is due out this fall (though not through shewrites press, sorry!). Having discovered writing in my late '40's, the resources and support at shewrites have taken me a loooooong way. Thanks!

  • JoAnne Myers

    nice article. thank you