Some blogs along the way of my Book Quest Journey....

I started my "Changed by Chance" book blog about 2 years ago, well before the manuscript was finalized and not knowing how and where this journey would lead me in publishing. These are re-posts of some of my book blogs so that you can get a feel for how I came to publish with SWP.

It’s Official…I am an Author!


Yep, it’s official. I’m an author! Changed by Chance…Champion by Choice is a done deal as of last week. Tim and I completed our edits and the final manuscript is finished. The book is 235 pages of dramatic storytelling. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.


Only a handful of people have read the book thus far to help me with proofreading and edits. Those that did cursed me though. Why? Because they said that they initially picked it up to browse it but then found that they could not put it down. Because they were so engrossed in reading the story, they missed bedtimes or favorite TV shows, etc. to read it to the end. Hmm… I’d say that this is a promising indicator of a good read and hopefully a best seller.


What’s next? When can you read it?


So, the next step is for me to engage a literary agent who will have contacts with the publishing industry. The agent’s job is to negotiate a book deal for me with a publisher. There is a possibility that the book could also be optioned for a movie version.


The fun part is last of course and that will be the book launch parties and book signing events with media coverage. This is where I will hope to see all of you when the time comes.


Meanwhile, as we work on all of this, I’ll be posting to the blog a sampling by posting the Book’s Acknowledgments and the Book’s Introduction soon.


I sure hope that I can make it to the New York Times best seller list!


And, remember when I was on local TV 20 years ago with Pat Ciarrochi, with Bryan when he was a baby, regarding our amazing journey during my pregnancy? Wouldn’t it be a great follow up story for Pat to have us back on again now, 21 years later, both healthy and telling this story?  I’m alive at 55 and he’s not slow and he’s not small folks…

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