[SWP: Behind the Book] Changed by Chance: My Journey of Triumph over Tragedy

It took me twenty years to write this book.

Not literally, of course. Once I began writing, it only took me about a year to pen my story. It has, after all, been permanently etched in my memory since it all transpired. But it has taken me more than two decades to finally understand why I needed to share it with the world.

For twenty-nine years, my life was fairly normal. Like many of you, I spent years planning and working hard to achieve my version of the American dream. I did well in school, married my high school sweetheart; we traveled and had a nice home, all while I was building a successful career. I wanted to have things done and in place for when my dream culminated in parenthood and taking on my anticipated new role of a supermom.

But when my first child was born with Down syndrome and a fatal heart condition, my dream suddenly becomes a nightmare. And that was only the beginning...

From the moment of Lauren's birth, our carefully planned lives and dreams began to unravel and fade away. What then began was a five-year roller coaster ride of highs and lows and dangerous detours. My new reality became an obstacle course of life altering encounters, medical mishaps, a breast cancer diagnosis, and cruel hardships. I was pummeled unmercifully with life lessons that no schooling or formal education could have ever taught me. Indeed I was changed by chance, but I fought to be my own champion. I wanted my life back!

Changed by Chance is a courageous story of soul-searching introspection about how I acquired the necessary life skills to triumph over tragedy. My journey offers a roadmap to others who my face their own bumps in the road.

The really unique thing about my book quest journey, as I have dubbed it, is that it was foretold to me in a prophecy by a renowned astrologer over twenty years ago. He predicted exactly what is transpiring in my life now and I am looking forward to fulfilling the entire prophecy with my publication and hopefully future speaking engagements and media events.

Namaste fellow writers!

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  • THanks Michelle and I am sorry to learn of your loss and struggles. I am so pleased we are connected here!

  • Michelle Cox

    Yes, I experienced some trauma as a teen (but nothing like rape and torture - so sorry, Charlene) and again when my first husband died very suddenly, and I have to say that I wouldn't change either event because it made me the person I am today.  Looking forward to both books!

  • Everything has worked out for me, in most unexpected ways. Hard work? Of course. Worthwhile? definitely!! I often say if I had to go through the rape and torture again to get to where I am now, with my family, friends, community, writing I would: with the caveat I'd meet the same Teachers who gave so much, so generously. I only hope my book My Impossible Life due out next year provides some inspiration to the many women and men who have experienced trauma, either our own or just as deeply felt in any trauma of those we love. Many hugs all round, my friends!

  • Michelle Cox

    Such cool stories, Elizabeth and Charlene!  Hope everything works out!

  • Thanks ladies for the feedback.  Yes, the astrologer made several predictions. He also forewarned me about something that I chose to ignore and I then paid the consequences for it - this too is part of my unique story. His prophecy about my future was extremely positive so I sure hope that it pans out as he forecast. He would not tell me when or how and I guess that it has taken me 20 yrs to figure it out - Or, that this time frame was meant to be.

  • This sounds very intriguing Elizabeth. My own life story begins through a dream which foretold extremely harsh circumstances and indicated the map out. I was five when I had the dream and 16 when it came through. As an astrologer now I really appreciate how accurate your friend's insight must have been...looking forward to reading more. 

  • Michelle Cox

    What a wonderful story, Lauren.  I can't wait to read this book.  My own life was changed by chance in many ways as well.  I guess we can never really predict what might happen, good or bad.  But your comment about the astrologer and the prophecy is very intriguing...! Good luck to you as your journey continues!