Excerpt from Bella's Choice by Lynelle Clark
Written by
Lynelle Clark
May 2015
Written by
Lynelle Clark
May 2015

Excerpt from Bella's Choice by Lynelle Clark. #Contemporary #Romance #Inspirational #AlternativeLifestyle

"Back to normal! Don’t these people ever get enough, she asked herself.
The moment she walked in and closed the front door, noises greeted her, noises that she was dreadfully familiar with. She passed the living room where people were parading around half naked, some already on the stairs on their way to the master bedroom. The small group were intertwined with each other, noticing nothing, only aware of their own little world of pleasure.
Disgusted, she looked on. No one noticed her, not even once. “Oh please, get a room!” she muttered. It was always a shock to see the older people in that way. She blushed as she rushed up the stairs and past the couples who were at the top by now, pressed past them and with disgust, closed the door behind her as they shuffled by her door and into her parents’ room right next door. It only took her seconds to decide what to do next. With her mind made up, she grabbed all the stuff she would need to finish preparing for the party in order to get out of there as fast as possible. If they noticed her, it would only spell trouble. And in their state, reasoning was out of the question; one could not reason with animals. She didn’t see her brothers anywhere. If anything ever happened, they usually came to her rescue, and if they were not around she needed to get out, immediately.
Once outside her room, she noticed that the hallway was thankfully empty, although she could hear the two couples in her parents’ room. The door was closed. At least some of them have modesty.
When she walked downstairs, a big, hairy man who was only wearing a shirt, stood at the bottom of the staircase in full view, rubbing himself. His eyes focused on someone in the living room.
She had to get past him, as well as make her away around him, but knew it would be futile since he left no room for her to do just that. She clutched her bag tightly against her body, her clothes draped over her arm, holding it all between them in order to obscure her view. She really didn’t want to see.
The moment he noticed her, he grabbed her arm with his free hand and pulled her to him with a grin. His breath reeked of smoke and brandy, and his voice was husky with lust. “Come here, doll,” he drawled.
Anabella wanted to shrink in total horror. With her bag, she pushed him away to set herself free, but he managed to grab her breast, ripping two buttons from her shirt. Desperately, she fought hard, not letting go of the bag in her hands. But her clothes fell around her feet, almost tripping her in her haste to get away. By now, she knew she was in trouble. She dug her car keys into his hand, and he released immediately. She managed to pull herself free, running to the front door; her only hope of escape and safety, the bag still clutched in her hand."

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