Deeper insight in research papers (part 2)

To make reading easier, use the standard font 12. Start every section of your research paper on a new page, while preserving the recommended number of pages. Number all the pages of the work consecutively; it will also make reading easier and allow better understanding and following the structure of the whole work. Within each section, use paragraphs to separate different ideas. This will also add to easier comprehension of what you have put up and give a more academic look to the text.
If you are going to use some graphs or diagrams in your paper, never divide them, this can make the visual information unreadable. The best solution is to place them on single sheets accompanied with auxiliary explanations.
Throughout the whole paper, do not deviate from the main topic of the research and never use irrelevant materials even if you find them interesting or good-looking. Reporting commonly known facts, do not forget to use present tense. There is another challenge waiting for you at the end of your paper: you are expected to give a concise conclusion summarizing the results of your research.
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