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Why You Shouldn't Give Up on Your Book
Written by
Erin K Casey
April 2018
Written by
Erin K Casey
April 2018

I love hearing great speakers present a well-crafted message. I especially love presentations when the speaker is an author whose books I've read. Even if we've never met, it feels as if we have a connection. I’m eager to hear my favorite authors speak because their message has already intrigued, entertained, or inspired me.

So when I learned that Lysa TerKeurst was scheduled to speak at an event about an hour down the road, I knew I would be there. TerKeurst is the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and the author of three New York Times bestsellers—and sixteen other books. Of all 19 of her books, I’ve read one. And I only read that one last fall when Proverbs 31 did an online Bible study using The Best Yes as a study guide. She’d written 19 books in a genre that I enjoy reading and I had never even heard of her until last fall.

Maybe I’m not very observant or “with it.” I have friends who have read all her books and have followed her for years. Not me. And I wonder why? I read several books a month. How could I have missed this author’s books, biblical wisdom, and enjoyable “girlfriend-over-coffee” style of writing?

Honestly--and I admit this with some sheepishness--it encouraged me to know she’d written so many books before I’d heard of her. As an author, that gives me hope. If that sounds crazy, let me explain…

Even excellent authors with a serious platform aren't known by everyone

When it seems that every week yet another author is launching a best-selling book, the publishing game can feel a little discouraging. I want everyone to read my books. I want all my clients to be best-selling authors now.

But when I step back and get some perspective on the work (including hundreds of thousands of typed words and countless speaking engagements) that have gone into creating those bestsellers, I get a reality check. I am reminded that when we keep doing the work and consistently taking the right steps, our efforts will be rewarded with more readers, more book sales, and more influence.

The lesson I took away from TerKeurst’s bio is simple: Stick with it. Keep writing. Keep publishing. Keep sharing.

Don’t let discouragement take your eyes off your goal of making a difference with your words

Instead, focus on connecting with your audience through your writing so that if and when they hear you speak, they’ll feel that connection… and buy your next book.


*Originally published on; originally published on SheWrites in April 2015.

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  • A real fun read and informative, too. Thanks.

  • Michelle Cox


  • Erin K Casey

    Love that, Michelle! Congratulations! And have tons of fun in Mrs. Chan's class :)

  • Michelle Cox

    The first time I was recognized as an author (my book, A Girl Like You, will be published next Spring) was just last week in my third grader's classroom.  I had stopped by the class to drop off my daughter's forgotten lunch when her teacher pulled me aside and said that she had heard that I had written a children's book.  Stunned (as I have told very few people in the school community yet, waiting for the big launch and announcement someday down the road), I was finally able to respond that it wasn't a children's book, but a historical mystery set in the 1930's and definitely adult.  "Oh!" she said, still excited.  "Well, perhaps you could come and give the class a presentation on what it's like to be an author."  I almost looked over my shoulder and said, "Author?  Where?"  Of course I agreed, though I immediately began to panic.  An author?  


    "Get a grip!" I told myself, though I had already recently begun to worry about the speaking engagements and book readings I would eventually have to live through after my book launched.  It occurred to me, however, as I drove out of the parking lot with a smile, that it was so very fitting that my first recognition as an author and my very first speaking engagement would be to Mrs. Chan’s third grade class.  How perfect!