My Dear Dear YorkIe
Written by
April 2015
Written by
April 2015

Riley, I don't understand you from time to time? You follow me and go underneath me as a cushion. I am not a cushion boo boo, I am someone you trust and adore.I love you too. There is something about you I do not understand.I want you to look at me and be more mushy. I get that you are an independant thinker and like to be alone to read body language. I know and I truly understand. We or me is confusing to understand. I see you highlighting my body language by observing me from toe to head. I wonder what you are thinking about? AM I to tall or not funny enough? I give you love and more. One thing I notice about you is your driven spunk that drives me into laughter. Your so inquisitive and sharp huff noises when you breathe. YOu bring joy to me always. I love you no mater what you do.  


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