My Dear Poodle
Written by
April 2015
Written by
April 2015

Her Name is Celeste who prances around like no other dog. She is like a walking bambie when she is cut so clean. When she is very hairy, she is a ball of mush. This poodle walks like she is in a dog show when her hair is cut.Her self posture and confidence is worth every penny spent. It's funny that I have a primadonna poodle who gets excited every time she sees me present. I honestly, have to get her to back off when I open the door into the house. Its her springing along my knees with licks of joy. To my experience my poodle is a animal like no other animal. She is the Alpha and the Omega. Its a blessing to see her when I am sad or happy. I love when I have a snack for myself and she thinks it is for her all the time. As, she pressed her warm body against mine when I am sleeping; I know that she is my number one linebacker. 


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