Sweet Sorrow by Wairimu Mwangi
Written by
Lynelle Clark
March 2015
Written by
Lynelle Clark
March 2015

#BookTour and #Interview: Sweet Sorrow by Wairimu Mwangi.
Two Families, Two generations, One tragedy.
#Giveaway A print copy and Beaded cuff could be yours.
Where did the idea come from for this book?
Sweet sorrow is a story that was inspired by the young people living in my community. I was in an all-girls boarding high school and within the four years I was in the school, an average of 15 girls had dropped out school due to teenage pregnancies. Some carried out abortions or may be got sick. It dawned on me that for these cases to have manifested to these small girls, it was all about the choices they made in life. It could have been peer pressure or just seeking some fun but either way, I had to find a way of addressing the issue. I found that the most suitable way to pass the message to any teenage would be through a story, and that is how Sweet Sorrow was born.

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