Launch Time Love for Your Writer Friends

Writing is a solitary business, and friends and loved ones can be a great support, especially during the crazy days leading to a book's launch.  Here's my list of wonderful things my friends have done to help smooth the path to launch day. I'm also sending it out to people who ask what they can do. Feel free to add ideas to the list and have at it to share!

  • Like, Follow, Friend, Pin and otherwise engage with your writer on social media. 

  • Buy the book!

  • Write a positive review of the book to post on Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, other social media and/or your own blog.  These reviews are very important to your writer! 

  • Share social media announcements on launch day, before book events and any other time you're moved to share the love. 

  • Attend the writer's book events and bring your friends.

  • Tell your friends, book clubs, discussion groups and others about the book and send them to the writer's website to learn more.

  • Sign up for the writer's website newsletter

  • Recommend the book to your favorite bookstore, library or organization for a book talk or signing, and let the writer know about it.

  • Provide feedback and help on book talk topics, props, giveaways, wardrobe (!), launch party and anything else your writer needs.

  • Tell your writer it's all going to be just fine!

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  • Barbara Stark-Nemon

    Thank you, Lene...I'm looking forward to Beautiful Affliction!

  • Lene Fogelberg Writing

    I love your list! Thanks for sharing. My favorite is the last one: "Tell your writers it's all going to be just fine!" I need a lot of that!