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  • The Book is For SALE in a limited way and only for epub and pdf, but still! Very Excited
The Book is For SALE in a limited way and only for epub and pdf, but still! Very Excited
Written by
Preeva Tramiel
March 2015
Written by
Preeva Tramiel
March 2015

Hello, my handful of human readers!

My book has its own bookstore page!

It is for SALE! Caveat: epub and PDF formats only, so far.


is the web address for my Bookbaby bookshop page, where you can  buy and download my completed memoir The Girl On the Wall: Liberation from a Shoah Ghost for $9.99!

So those of you who want to buy my book, go to that webpage with a credit card at the ready!

Did I mention the web address? Here it is again.


Here is  the overview I posted to the bookshop page. This is going to be sent to other retailers, so please tell me if you have any suggestions:

Driven by complicated feelings stemming from a mysterious portrait from her childhood, the author searches through Europe, Israel and the Internet to see if the stories her father told her about his World War Two exploits were true. She learns much about his past, but learns the most about herself on this journey of discovery.

The way Bookbaby works is that now that I have approved the ebook, they send it to a whole list of other book outlets, including Baker&Taylor and Amazon, and Kobo, and foreign outlets like Ciando's in Germany and Gardner's books in the UK. 

This does not mean that I'll get any sales, but it is exciting nevertheless.

Thank you for reading this post, and if you have forgotten the Bookbaby address, it's



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