The Woman Who Started it All - Vivienne
Written by
Victoria Martin
March 2015
Written by
Victoria Martin
March 2015

I think there’s always someone who clicks you into a different mode, and for me it was my French teacher. She’s probably the one reason why I started writing lesbian fiction. Because she inspired so many things in me…

You may think I’m a cliché, but there was something about the way she rolled her ‘r’s that made me tingly all over. That raspy sound in her throat sounded to my ears so much like nails scratching on skin, that it made me itch.

I hadn’t been with any girls before, but it felt very obvious when I saw Vivienne for the first time that my true calling were women.

It was extremely hard to pay attention to anything she said in class. A bunch of us had taken French as an optative for credits, and most of my friends would practically doze off in class. But not me. The moment that Vivienne walked into the class, my senses were all tuned in with her. I couldn’t help it, there was something magnetic about her skin, her voice, her strawberry-blonde hair.

I kept looking at her mouth thinking how much I wanted those lips to kiss me. The more she talked, the less I could understand what she was saying.

Her white tank tops didn’t help me focus in class either.

You want to know more? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything.

But for now, it’s time for me to strip off my clothes and go to bed a-la-Marylin. Sans perfume.

Quick note: Lesbian fiction is what I do, what I love, but this isn’t fiction at all, it’s part of my personal story, which I hope you’ll enjoy as well.


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