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  • National Association of Memoir Writers teleseminar March 20
National Association of Memoir Writers teleseminar March 20
Written by
Rita Gardner
March 2015
Written by
Rita Gardner
March 2015

I'm thrilled to be one of two memoir writers featured in National Association of Memoir Writers (NAMW) teleseminar on March 20! I'm joined by the esteemed Lorenzo Martinez, who wrote a haunting memoir of exile and finding self ("Cuba, Adios"). From the announcement by NAMW founder Linda Joy Myers (and SWP author): 

Date: March 20 at 11 AM PST 

This month we are pleased to have a conversation with two successful NAMW members who have something in common—stories that take place in Caribbean countries:  Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Rita Gardner is the author of The Coconut Latitudes, and Lorenzo Martinez wrote Cuba, Adios.

We all know that writing a memoir is a long journey of the soul, the joy of exploring the past mixed with the struggle to bring forth the story that we are compelled to tell. Rita and Lorenzo will share with us their their journey to their memoirs.

Rita M. Gardner

I will be speaking about how my book came into being. This includes being motivated by writing groups that encouraged me to keep pulling out even the most painful stories from my past, and a pivotal writing residency (Hedgebrook) which provided space and time to write fearlessly, and made me realize for the first time in my life that yes, I am a writer.

Since digging into the past can reveal landmines—such as how to depict childhood experiences when family members are fiercely committed to keeping secrets buried, I will relay how I was (finally) able to tell bring my own story of secrets to light. I will talk about how I knitted disparate pieces into what Anne Lamott calls “the shitty first draft.” I will stress the importance of a good editor to help create a cohesive book. I will talk agents and my choice to publish with She Writes Press. Having my book out there “in the world” has brought gifts I never expected or could predict.

What participants will learn:
• Validation that you are not alone in what can be a difficult process.
• Tools you may not have considered (writing groups, classes, residencies.)
• That it’s important to put your stories into words even if you are afraid of possible consequences. And that you don’t need to share that writing with anyone until you’re ready.
• The critical need for a good editor no matter how wonderful you think your writing is.
• Knowledge that writing your story can bring surprises and connections you might never have imagined.

- See more at: http://namw.org/2015/03/how-i-wrote-and-published-my-memoir-with-rita-gardner-and-lorenzo-martinez/#sthash.8rN9j5FP.U6xTXZLN.dpuf


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