The Girl On the Wall--paperback-- has a Ship Date!
Written by
Preeva Tramiel
March 2015
Written by
Preeva Tramiel
March 2015

To  get my memoir, The Girl On the Wall, published. I wrote and rewrote until it was really good, then thought about how to get it out there. Then I realized that to get it "out there," that is, into the hands of my family, friends and children, I had to give a few things up.

First, I gave up on the traditional agent-publisher route. And now I have a ship date of March 17!  

My story, which is a story of self-discovery through Shoah research, is not that different from many other people's. Are there universal themes? Yes. Are there unusual journeys and stories? Yes. Are these stories unique? Well, um, not that much. The area of the world I explored is very close to the part of the world described in "The lost: a search for six of the six million," but without the literary allusions--I'm not a professor of the classics like Daniel Mendelsohn.  Was my father particularly well-known? No. He was just a taxi driver and mechanic, and his fame died with his generation.

But should his story, and my story be told? Absolutely.  With a book in my hands, I can lecture on the subject, and am in the process of setting up talks right now. I should have done this sooner!

The ebook and the trade paperback have different covers, and slightly different titles, and are edited slightly differently. But none of this matters. My friends want to throw me a book party in April. I'm scheduling a talk for June.

And my fathers story and my story will be told!

What did you all do to get your books seen and recognized?


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