Know Your Value as a Writer
Written by
Christelle Lujan
March 2015
Written by
Christelle Lujan
March 2015

You know that job? The one that’s offering $100 – $200 for one blog post? The one you stare at with envy, then mock your own ego for even reading the posting before proceeding to the freelance writer clearance aisle?

Stop it. No seriously, stop it. Apply for that job.

What’s there to lose? What are you afraid of?

At the risk of tooting my own horn (or just flat-out looking like an arrogant ass) I’m going to tell you what I made on my first freelance writing job.

$180 per post

I had writing experience through the company I worked for, but I had never attempted to branch out on my own. Still, I saw the project on a job board, submitted an application, and boom. I wasn’t the most experienced, the most talented, or the most practiced freelance writer, but I just went for it.

It was a better confidence booster than I could have ever asked for. More importantly, though, it kept me from undervaluing my work moving forward and gave me a reference point for when future employers asked me to name my price.

While winning that job did wonders for my confidence, however, it brought the crushing realization that there are some serious expectations that come with that figure.

The fantastic employers who know an amazing writer is costly don’t fork over the dough without a dose of heavy scrutiny.  They want your writing to be on point, your response time to be immediate, and your flexibility to be boundless.

Sadly,I lacked the business sense at the time to hold down a job like that. I took for granted the investment they were making in my skills and was less attentive than I should have been. That, too, is fixable!

This blog was originally posted on my personal blog, Click over to read the rest of my advice on valuing yourself as a writer!

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  • Dorothy Bryant

    It's good to know you know your worth as a writer. I've been into that case before I became a Professional Freelance Writer. I tried my best to produce better and then to the best writing for any clients. There is disappointments and all but I conquered it all just to pursue, become successful simply because I love what I am doing and the craft I am in.

  • Chaka V. Reid

    My first time freelancing was in college when a friend asked me to send a piece to a relationship column and see if it was accepted because his kept getting rejected: I got $250.00 for the piece and went on to write about a dozen more. I wish I had appreciated how great the pay was for simply writing really fun pieces about my dating life. But I'm so happy I got my start there. 

  • Christelle Lujan

    I found two jobs paying this much on the ProBlogger job board. It is a pretty crowded community, but certainly worth the look. This is definitely not the norm, but not impossible to find either. The same advice goes for pricing yourself out to clients. Don't sell yourself short!

  • Pat Sabiston

    I have been a professional writer for 40 years.  Network with other writers in your area and subscribe to trade publications.  Follow every single guideline/instruction you're given by a client.  Listen to what's being said that the client wants, and don't miss deadlines.  Learn to accept criticism and how to self-edit.  Write and act professionally, and if you have any talent at all, you can't fail.

  • Patricia Robertson

    Where do you find such job postings????