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  • On Being a Published Author (of a book named Best Book of 2014)
On Being a Published Author (of a book named Best Book of 2014)
Written by
Melanie Holmes
March 2015
Written by
Melanie Holmes
March 2015

The birthing process for my 1st book took 3 1/2 years. My book, The Female Assumption: A Mother's Story, Freeing Women from the View that Motherhood is a Mandate pubbed on Oct 1, 2014. I used Amazon's Createspace. I'm great with formatting plus I employed my own professional editor, so Createspace didn't make any money off of me in the pubbing process. 

I've had friends say to me, How great! You achieved your dream!  But as we all know (or suspect if you haven't pubbed already), some intense work begins with the pubbing of your book.  The book launch event, sending communications, creating a website, creating a Facebook page, learning to blog...and knowing what to say in order to draw people in. 

Communications have been key.  I have a broad network of communications from a vast array of channels.  SheWrites has afforded me information and new friends...never underestimate the power of networking here on this site!

Just 2 months after my book pubbed, my book was name Best Book of 2014 in the Global Media Awards hosted by the Population Institute.  Concerns for the earth is only 1 small piece of the picture on the procreation decision. I'm a mother of 3, my youngest is a teenage daughter, I wrote my book for my daughter, and my book received an award because of its message of education and equality of women.  I performed deep research on motherhood, and the other side of motherhood (those women who are not moms, thru choice, circumstance, or bio).  My message is one of sister-to-sisterness, and as a result, the message resonates with a greater audience than the Major Publishers thought (those who told my agent "no" because I was an unknown).  I'm still an unknown, but I traveled from Wash DC to LA, and have talks lined up throughout the year...so I'm on my way.  With nonfiction, one must keep on top of your topic. My topic is women's issues, thus, the challenges are constant. It's my passion...and I'll promote diversity of thought wherever, whenever possible.  You can find me at www.MelanieHolmesAuthor.com although I'm much more active on my Author's Facebook page, categorized as a "Society/cultural Page."

Peace & good luck to you all!

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