Dreaming of Spring?
Written by
Janay Lampkin
March 2015
Written by
Janay Lampkin
March 2015

The She Writes Press Dreaming of Spring eBook Sale is HERE!

Dreaming of spring? Gearing up for Spring Break? BookSparks and She Writes Press have an awesome 99¢ spring eBook sale to get you ready for spring travel or just staying home and curling up with a good book. Pick your favorites or--for less than $20--you can load up your eReader with all 19 amazing eBooks!




Bittersweet Manor by Tory McCagg

Bittersweet Manor is a chronicle of three generations of love, manipulation, entitlement, and disappointed expectations in an upper-middle-class New England family.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW




Three Minus One: Stories of Parents' Love & Loss edited by Brooke Warner and Sean Hanish

Three Minus One is a collection of intimate, soul-baring stories and artwork by parents who have lost a child to stillbirth, miscarriage, or neonatal death, inspired by the film Return to Zero.

Only  99 cents! BUY NOW




A Tight Grip: A Novel about Golf, Love Affairs, and Women of a Certain Age by Kay Rae Chomic

A Tight Grip celebrates the bonds of female friendships. Par Parker processes her life with her three closest friends, she discovers the transformative power of adversity, and seizes options to evolve as a person, an athlete, and a best friend.

Only  99 cents! BUY NOW




Breathe by Kelly Kittel

Achingly raw and beautifully narrated, Breathe is a story of motherhood, death, family, and conflict—and, ultimately, how to embrace love, honesty, and joy even in the face of tragedy.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW




Flip-Flops After 50 by Cindy Eastman

Flip-Flops After 50 is infused with wit, charm, and humor, and provokes its audience to think about topics that affect us all. Body image, high school reunions, and parenting--Eastman covers it all.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW 




Four Funerals and a Wedding: Resilience in a Time of Grief by Jill Smolowe

In Four Funerals and a Wedding, Smolowe shakes up preconceived notions about caregiving, defies cliches about losing loved ones, and reveals a stunning truth: far from being uncommon, resilience like hers is the norm among the recently bereaved.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW 




The Geometry of Love by Jessica Levine

Aspiring poet Julia finds that being someone’s muse is less than exciting when it comes to living with her restrained professor boyfriend Ben. But when a charismatic composer named Michael gets Julia's attention, he becomes the muse that she needs, and challenges her need for love and creativity.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW 




Her Name is Kaur by Meeta Kaur

The lives of Sikh American women have long remained a mystery to the general public. In an inspiring collection of stories, Meeta Kaur and contributors share with readers the cultural, domestic, and occupational duties of the Sikh woman, and explore love in its various forms.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW 




In the Shadow of Lies: An Oliver Wright Mystery Novel by M.A. Adler

In this exhilarating mystery, Oliver Wright teams up with an Italian POW and a black MP to discover who murdered an Italian prisoner of war. As the case unfolds, the unlikely team discovers that the crime is more complicated than they ever could have imagined.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW 




Letting Go into Perfect Love by Gwendolyn M. Plano

Letting Go into Perfect Love is a riveting tale that takes a serious look into domestic violence and its impact on a woman's life. Readers will be inspired by the author and her courage.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW 




Loveyoubye: Holding Fast, Letting Go, And Then There's The Dog by Rossandra White

Rossandra White's husband has left, her brother needs help, and her beloved dog is sick. White is forced to face her demons as she tackles each obstacle thrown her way.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW




The Rooms Are Filled by Jessica Null Vealitzek

The Rooms Are Filled is a beautiful coming-of-age novel about a Minnesota farm boy and his teacher. Readers will be cheering for the lovable pair, as they navigate life in a new town.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW 




Royal Entertainment by Marni Fechter

Melody Frank is left searching for a new job after she blows the whistle on her boss. Luckily, Charles Riboon, a premier party planner, is in the market for a new secretary. But is the luxury party planning life too much for Melody to handle?

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW 




Think Better. Live Better.: Five Steps to Create The Life You Deserve by Francine Huss

After years of hard work, Francine Huss has mastered the creative process. In Think Better. Live Better, Huss tells readers how creative thinking can produce positive change in life. The book features five steps that will help everyone create and harness better thoughts in life.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW 




The Trinity Stones by L.G. O'Connor

It is her 27 birthday, but Cara Collins has nothing to smile about. Then she finds out she has inherited $50 million, and everything changes--but the more she looks into her mysterious inheritance, the more dangerous things become. Soon, Cara is questioning everything, including the things that she never believed existed.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW 




Water on the Moon by Jean P. Moore

Lidia Raven's life changes the day a plane crashes into her home. Lidia and her two children manage to escape and are taken in by Polly, Lidia's friend, but things become puzzling when Lidia discovers that she knew the pilot of the wrecked plane. As time goes on, the mystery deepens, and Lidia is forced to rethink everything she thought she once knew.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW 




Away from the Kitchen: Untold Stories, Private Menus, Guarded Recipes, and Insider Tips by Dawn Blume Hawkes

Away from the Kitchen puts a new spin on the average cookbook. Find out what some of America's greatest cooks are passionate about, inside and outside of the kitchen. From recipes to tips, this book is a must-have for any aspiring chef.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW




The Great Healthy Yard Project by Diane Lewis

The pesticides we use on our crops may seem helpful, but what long-term impacts are they having on our drinking water supply? Dr. Diane Lewis shares with readers the negative effects these chemicals are having on our water sources, as well as a simple way we can work together to help fix the problem for future generations.

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW 




The Vintner's Daughter by Kristen Harnisch

After the death of Sara Thibault's father, her mother is forced to sell the family vineyard. Years later, Sara is determined to remake her family's name in the wine world, but things get complicated when she meets Philippe. They have an instant connection, but are Sara's feelings toward Philippe worth risking her business--and even her life?

Only 99 cents! BUY NOW 

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  • Lene Fogelberg Writing

    Awesome! Got myself five great books to read.

  • Happy to support She Writes authors -- and now my to-be-read list is even longer!

  • Mary E. Reynolds

    Thanks for this great offer, an easy way to support SheWrites authors! I selected 5.

  • Jenni Ogden Writing

    Yes, these look very enticing. I was able to purchase 5 of the books I wanted (as a New Zealander but from US Amazon) but two of the titles I wanted (The Geometry of Love (I LOVE that cover!) and The Vintner's Daughter) were not available for purchase as e-books at any price. Strange? Amazon has its little quirks.  

  • Lisa Thomson

    Fabulous selection! This last book, The Vintner's Daughter is coming up at $12.77 not the .99. just an FYI. I'm also having trouble getting other books for the .99cent price. I wonder if it's b/c I'm a Canadian customer?