My Book 30 Years in the Making Is Here!
Written by
Debby Carroll
February 2015
Written by
Debby Carroll
February 2015

Who knew there'd be an up side to having a remarkably dysfunctional family? But, 30 years of dealing with my siblings and my husband's has resulted in my nonfiction narrative coming to life.

Tales From the Family Crypt: When Aging Parents Die, Sibling Rivalry Lives reads like a novel but the characters who are real people do things are are simply unreal. 

Here's the description from Amazon:

Anne, the oldest sister, is a control freak of the highest order. Obey her and she will be kind and generous. Fail to follow her orders and you are shunned. She destroys her extended family and never looks back. 

Linda is brilliant but shy and socially awkward, dealing with a lifelong envy of her younger sister, the story's narrator. Her acquiescence to her overbearing husband causes her to lose the little family she had. 

Nan is a bipolar, emotionally disturbed recovering drug addict. While she's never been able to take care of herself, she rises to new heights of competence as her desperation compels her to torture her mother emotionally during her dying days in order to insure her own future. 

Ted is a convicted felon whose low self esteem causes him to commit despicable acts while he desperately seeks to prove his mother loved him best. He's a narcissist without a moral compass or conscience. 

If I hadn't lived through this myself, I'd think I was making it up. But, as each of our four parents died, the dysfunction deepened and the crazy people got just a bit crazier. It wasn't pretty to live through but writing is was so cathartic I have to admit I loved it. And, alas, so many people can relate. As I've spoken to others while writing this book it seemed as though 90% of the people said, "Oh, yes. I have that in my family too.!" (However my story is still the most bizarre one I've heard.

So, it's out there. People have asked me if it took guts to write this while all of the siblings are still alive. My answer, sad but true, "When you ain't got nothing, you've got nothing to lose." Alas, our siblings were toxic but at least they helped us develop one heck of an interesting story which I'm hoping will help others who are similarly afflicted with family members who challenge the peace in the family constantly.


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