See Love, Be Love
Written by
Sally Ketham
February 2015
Written by
Sally Ketham
February 2015

Like most commercialized holidays in the U.S., the true Spirit of Valentine’s Day has been has been upstaged and overshadowed by things we feel compelled to buy: pink hearts, fluffy teddy bears, and crimson roses. Where there was once magic and reflection on the importance of LOVE, now exists a subtle (or quite overt actually) pressure to buy sappy, sentimental gifts and bestow them as expressions of the giddy, flirtatious side of romance. I don’t shun the idea of participating in this completely, truth we told. In fact, in all honesty I confess that I keep a decorative box filled with the dried rose petals from every bouquet of roses my husband has given me these past 8 years.

This confession aside, I believe that whether single, married, or in a complicated romance, Valentine’s Day ought to be revered as a day where we remember why love matters. Not just romantic love, but love in all its expressions.  Love heals, comforts, encourages, uplifts, and soothes our souls. Today I’m taking the opportunity to reconnect with the magical frequency of love, that spark of light that permeates every living being, reaching every corner of the Universe.  I’m reminding myself why seeking to align my heart to it is the most important thing I could do. While I will give my husband a card today expressing my gratitude for him, I also want to spend some time aligning my energy to give and receive the love that is available to me in every moment–apart from him. The love that is in my own heart. I’ve come to the realization lately that being “in love” is not so much about romance as it is learning to see and be love. It’s always available if I will just reorient myself to it, and it becomes more real as I work to remove the barriers that prevent my perception of it.

With this intention, I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. May you experience LOVE today as a vibration of your own heart space, and may you share this freely with others! XO

What about you? How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

image credit: Creative Commons Leland Francisco

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