Written by
Tina Akins Gaskins
February 2015
Written by
Tina Akins Gaskins
February 2015

When writing about a real town in a fiction book, do you use the names of local stores, Walmart, HEB, Dillards? Or is it better to just say supercenter, grocery store, or upscale department store.

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  • Dina Abandond

    I use mock names in my book like Masseys which is like Macys.  I also change band names and musicians from Lady Gaga to Madame Vaga. 

  • Tina Akins Gaskins

    Thank you. In this case it is walmart, the town it takes place in is small and walmart is the place you run into everyone you know. That was the reason for stating the name.

  • Gena Lorainne

    Don't use the real names, in my opinion. Also it depends on how much of a fiction you're writing about and could the situation in the book affect surroundings on local level. That's my personal opinion though. Best regards.