Dark Poetry & Deep Writing
Written by
Marie St. Amand
February 2015
Written by
Marie St. Amand
February 2015
Please share your pain, struggles, grieving, ect. in preferred Poetry form. Through the process of writing Poetry, editing and critiquing your own final draft, you're releasing negative energy. We need members to comment, critique, and generally interact with one another. After I created this Group, about 4 years ago, there was much interest very quickly, I couldn't keep up!! There was so much interest. I will try to do a better job as Administrator this time; relax, go with the flow, do what I can. So hoping for others to take on some blogs/texts/discussions. I'm open to all ideas. I hope this is successful as it once was. Those writing and reading anything on the site should respect the privacy of all its content. This is a Group I wish to keep those involved with a feeling of TRUST. Thank you all :) Marie

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  • Marie St. Amand

    :( I just lost 2 people within my Dark Poetry Group. I just wrote about it on my blog. That brings some negative thoughts to mind. I'm trying to work with this site on an iPhone which is difficult. My computer broke. Anyway, time to center myself.