5 Affirmations for Writers
Written by
Sally Ketham
January 2015
Written by
Sally Ketham
January 2015

     Have you ever wondered why the craft of writing can sometimes seem like a bad relationship? First there's the blissful feeling of deep purpose when your creative flow is turned on. It's the unshakeable knowing that you are aligned with destiny as the words that long to be spoken seem to woo you into giving them life. It's nothing short of intimate the way these flashes of light are filtered through our hearts in a space of sacred stillness. It's no wonder we feel we're risking the destruction of everything holy when it's time to unveil our creation. For months and sometimes years an exclusive bond is nurtured between the writer and the words. We relish the way their surrendered cooperation makes us feel, and in turn we give our emotions to them.

     But despite the bliss, at times writing can feel downright unhealthy with the way it pricks the ego, provokes insecurities, stirs fear, and inspires attachment to it. But not all things that feel unhealthy in fact are unhealthy. Sometimes healthy relationships reveal to us the ways we are slaves to the ego. Sometimes we walk away from healthy relationships to preserve our ego attachment. We must remember that writing doesn't create these uncomfortable, painful sensations in our psyche. It's the ego that manufactures insecurity, the desire for grandiosity, the fear of being shamed, and the panic that people might love what we've created.

     When viewed as a teacher, the pain that accompanies writing can serve a higher purpose. But we're afraid to surrender to it. We're scared that everything we experienced in that still place will be trampled on by people who simply don't understand the beauty of what we saw there. We don't want to lose, to be hurt, to be exposed as not good enough, but we're most crippled by the ways we doubt we're really good enough or worthy of success. But really all we stand to lose are beliefs and perceptions that don't serve us. So here I offer to you five affirmations to help move the ego out of the way.

1) I am always connected to the infinite source of flowing, divine, creative energy. I receive inspiration without judgment. I fully surrender to it.

2) I release the belief that my writing is my possession. Just as I receive this energy of creation into my being so I release it back out into the world, transformed by my loving attention, but free to find its own path.

3) I am always safe when I express from my heart. The sacred place I have found serves to heal, inspire, entertain, and nurture others. I share my heart freely.

4) I am thankful for the privilege to grow in the awareness of my connectedness to all living beings.  

5) I release all doubts, fears, and criticism--both of myself and others. I see with love.

It is my hope that these affirmations transform your relationship with writing into something purely healthy. May you be nurtured by your craft, and find greater peace and love in that stillness that gives birth to creative expression.

With loving intentions,


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  • Sally Ketham

    Thank you Melinda! Thanks for letting me know, I'm so glad they spoke to you! :)

  • Melinda Gallo

    Thank you Shelah for these affirmations. I love them!