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  • [NETWORKING FOR INTROVERTS] My Favorite Social Media Tools
[NETWORKING FOR INTROVERTS] My Favorite Social Media Tools
Written by
Meghan Ward
January 2015
Written by
Meghan Ward
January 2015

Social Media: Sigh. We know we need to do it in order to build our author platforms so we can get agents and book deals and make money selling those books, but it can be exhausting. And it never ends. You tweet and you post and you circle and you link and you connect and you Instagram, and then you wake up the next morning and have to do it all over again. When are you supposed to spend time with your family and (IRL) friends? When are you supposed to get exercise, read, and WRITE?

There are many tools to help streamline your social media life. Here are my favorites:



When Google Reader shut down in July of 2013, everyone scrambled to find a new RSS reader. Several good options, like FeedBin and NewsBlur, arose, but by far the most popular was Feedly. What is Feedly? Feedly is a website where you can store and organize all the blogs you read. You can organize them into categories, you can see which ones have new posts and scan the titles for those that interest you most. You can read full posts right in Feedly, and you can share your favorite content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instapaper, Pocket, HootSuite, and Buffer without leaving the page.




A few years ago, bookmarking apps like Delicious gave way to “read-later” apps, which look like newspapers and can be accessed from all your devices. Of the three most popular read-later apps—Instapaper, Readability, and Pocket—Pocket is my favorite. First of all, Pocket, formerly Read It Later, is the oldest of the three and therefore supports the most devices. It also has more features than the others, allowing you to save embedded video, email articles to others, and choose from different font colors and sizes. Plus, it’s beautiful. To use Pocket, just create an account, install the browser extension, and download the free app onto all your mobile devices. Then the next time you see an article you want to save to read later, just click the Pocket icon in your browser and voilà—it will be waiting for you on your tablet and smart phone for the long wait at the post office.

3. Buffer


Buffer App allows you to “buffer” your posts to Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Google+. This is how it works: You create a free account, you link it to your social media accounts, you select certain times of day you want your posts to go out (say 8:08, 2:35, 4:19, and 7:40). Then you drop posts into Buffer and click on which social media sites you want them posted to. You’re allowed to drop in 10 at a time with the free account, up to 200 with the ($102/year) pro account. Those posts will go out at the times you designated—8:08, 2:35, etc.—until they’re all gone. With four posts a day, you just need to refill every 2.5 days, then go walk that dog, read that book, or practice that cello while Buffer does your tweeting for you.


4. HootSuite


HootSuite also allows you to schedule posts, but rather than doing it at set intervals each day, it permits you to schedule an individual post to go out a specific time and day. (You can also just send it NOW.) The advantage of this is if you have an event coming up, you may want to schedule a reminder one week before, two days before and again a couple of hours before. With HootSuite, you can do that. You can also manage multiple accounts for free (in Buffer, you need to have the pro account to do that.) So I can tweet from any one of various Twitter accounts all from the same web page without logging out of one and logging into the other. HootSuite also allows me to organize the people I follow on Twitter into different streams. I can view my Home stream, which includes every tweet of all 5424 of my followers, or I can view customized streams of tweeters I have sorted into lists. I can see all the tweets from SF Grotto writers, for example, or all the agents I follow, or my closest friends, who normally get lost in the chatter of my home feed.


What about you? What are your favorite social media tools? Do you use EverNote? TweetDeck? What else?



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  • Nick Founder

    I have actually found Tinder Plus a great way to network. I live in Melbourne, Australia and am talking to people in London and New York. It's more than just a dating site. A lot of people market through moments and linking to Instagram especially and also Facebook.

  • Michele Tracy Berger


    Thanks for this post. Like everyone else has said, it is really helpful. I am completed lost with Tweetdeck and have abandoned that but may check out Hootsuite, a platform that I've heard so much about.

  • Diana Y. Paul Writing

    Thanks, Debi, for your comment on Pocket. I use Evernote Web Clipper to do the same right on the page, with highlighting and note capability.  But, I want to play around with Pocket too, and see if I can integrate the two of them if it makes their usefulness even better!

  • Meghan Ward

    RB, I don't use Pinterest, so I'm not much help there. I love HootSuite, though!

  • Meghan Ward

    Susan, I have started using Evernote and really like it. I think the key is to install the Evernote Web Clipper tool, so you can clip passages from articles on the web. I haven't yet figured out how Evernote and Pocket will integrate. I think I'll use Evernote for research and Pocket for things I want to read later. 

  • Susan J Slack

    Thank you so much for posting this. As usual She Writes has given me the information I need exactly when I need it. I have downloaded Evernote but have not found it useful. I will look at these other apps you have so graciously shared. I see more time at the beach in my future!

  • Meghan Ward

    Thanks for your feedback, Debi!

  • Meghan Ward

    Kristen - *like* :)

  • Debi Lewis

    To answer the question from Diana earlier here, I am using pocket to save articles I think will come in useful in research for later. I love the browser extension which allows me to just click a button in my address bar to save the article that I'm viewing.

  • Kristen Caven

    Thanks! I made a Pocket, and this is the first thing in it to check out the other links later!

  • Meghan Ward

    Debi - I love Pocket, too!

  • Meghan Ward

    Sharon - I hear you! After blogging every week (sometimes multiple times a week) for five years, I slowed down a little bit this year. I plan to ramp up again soon, but sometimes we need to take a little break. I'm glad these tools are useful. 

  • Meghan Ward

    Linda, I started using Hootsuite when it was only connected to Twitter, and I've never gotten in the habit of using it with my other social media networks. It's great that you can check our recent activity without logging into each separate account. That's kind of how I use Feedly for reading blogs.

  • Meghan Ward

    Diana - I have Evernote but have never used it. I really want to learn more about it. It sounds ideal for doing research. The way I use Pocket is simply to bookmark articles and blog posts to read later. They show up on all devices, so I can save an article from my laptop and then read it on my phone or iPad in a beautiful newspaper layout. Can Evernote do that too? I know some people who use both.

  • Diana Y. Paul Writing

    Can you tell us a little bit more about Pocket and how you use it?

  • Debi Lewis

    Just discovered Pocket and love it!!!

  • Sharon McDonell

    Thank you, I haven't been using my blog much and need to put more effort into it.  These willl help me organize my thoughts and other people's blog post, emials etc.  Thank you for sharing your experience.  

  • Linda Strawn

    I like Hootsuite. In addition to scheduling my blog posts, I can also check out recent activity in my accounts without having to visit their sites. Pretty cool.

  • Diana Y. Paul Writing

    I love EverNote, because I can highlight on the webpage and then save it in a sub-binder (like a sub-file) in a labeled notebook on EverNote.  When EverNote first came out, its only product was like a digital Post-it--not so useful, more of a bookmark with just a little room to make a note.  Now it is much more robust--So easy and so practical because I might bookmark a website and then later forget why.  This reminds me with the highlighted passage I thought was so important, as well as space to write my own note for later.

    Also love Reddit--for comunity building but it is very time-consuming, sometimes overwhelming!