3 Useful Tools to Help you Write Better
Written by
Lana Pecherczyk
January 2015
Written by
Lana Pecherczyk
January 2015

I’ve just discovered three fantastic tools that have made my life a whole lot easier and quicker. I’m pretty bad at grammar and spelling, but I don’t let that stop me from writing. These handy tools  can help improve your writing, whether it’s in your blog or in your novel.

  1. Grammarly: This is a free proofreading and spellchecking extension you can add to your browser. It automatically checks your writing in real-time for mistakes and problem areas. You can also upload entire manuscripts and go through it for misused words etc.
  2. ScrivenerThis is a paid app for your computer that is basically a word-processing program, but also has many functions specific to writers. My favourite function is the split screen, you can check over your notes, or another section of the novel whilst still viewing and making changes to your current writing scene. It also exports your file in the correct format required for an e-book, manuscript and can do word docs and more.
  3. Headline checker:  This is a free tool you should bookmark. Before you hit ‘publish’ paste your blog post title into the analyser, it will grade it against many effective benchmarks and give you a score. You can also get tips on improving the titles effectiveness.

 What about you - are there any useful tools you have discovered that help make your writing life easier?

This blog post originally featured on my self-publishing blog - AuthorZoo. Click here to go there.

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  • Lana Pecherczyk

    Great Sakki, I hope you get good use out of them, I certainly do.

  • Sakki selznick Publishing

    Hey, Lara, This is really helpful. I wasn't aware of Grammarly or Headline Checker. They look like great fun. Thank you!