Call for submissions to an anthology REVISED

Ive revised and included additional information to the original call for submission. Please see below. Thanks.!

                           CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS




This book is currently under review for a Fall 2015 publishing date.


The romantic relationships of women of faith are often complicated, whether you are single or married, the pastor of the church, first lady, a minister or a women steeped in your convictions with no affiliation. The choices that women of faith make in their romantic relationships are seldom discussed because there is still the perception that a woman of faith is not a romantic, sexual being.  This anthology will explore the intricacies of women of faith, how they love, whom they love and why they love them.  The book will explore the choices of women in their mate selection, marriage, dating, being celibate or choosing not to, yet still living their lives walking in their purpose honoring God.


The final product will be 20-30 stories of women of varying ages, racial ethnic backgrounds, religions, marital statuses and will provide a first person account of their experiences.


If you are interested in submitting an essay, please email a brief paragraph (200 words or less) about the subject of your essay January 30, 2015, to [email protected].


Authors who are accepted will be notified by February 15, 2015.


Stories should not exceed 4000 words, be complete and as edited as possible. DO NOT submit a first draft.


Please format your manuscript according to the following guidelines. This makes it easier for printing and saves us time so that we don’t have to fix each story.

  • Spacing/paragraphs. Documents should be single-spaced with a space between each paragraph. This should be done using a hard return (pressing ). Do not use the "add space before/after paragraph" formatting feature. Do not indent your paragraphs.
  • Headers/footers. Do NOT insert format headers or footers. This includes page numbers.
  • Margins. Half-inch margin on all sides.
  • Section Breaks. Please clearly mark all section breaks. For example, use **** or *~*~*. Do not use ________.
  • Font. Please format the body of your work with the font Times New Roman, size 12.


Completed drafts are due April 1, 2015. The editor and external reviewers will review drafts.

To submit, please send your manuscript to [email protected].  Include the following in your email:

  • Put SUBMISSIONS in the subject line! Emails without this subject line run the risk of not being seen or read, so please, do not forget this!
  • Your real name, pen name (if you use one), and preferred email address.
  • The approximate total length of the completed story.
  • A brief summary of the story, not to exceed approximately 200 words in length.
  • Attach the complete manuscript in .doc or docx, format.

Any questions/concerns should be directed to the Editor: Venessa M Perry, at the above email address.





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