5 Fast Fixes For Your Social Media Channels
Written by
Janay Lampkin
January 2015
Written by
Janay Lampkin
January 2015

Social media is an excellent way to establish a brand, which is an amazing opportunity for all authors. A Facebook author page helps to establish credibility and an online reputation, while allowing you to control what your audience sees and focusing on a target demographic. Are you having trouble driving traffic to your Facebook author page? Struggling with keeping a consistent Twitter following?

Here are Five Fast Fixes for your social channels:

1. Listen

If you're not engaging with your audience, you are doing it all wrong. How can you engage without listening? You will miss out on valuable feedback and insights from your target audiences, not to mention overlook important information and post content that might translate as insensitive. People can tell when you're listening. Although the convenient social media automation programs make our lives much easier--try to listen as much as possible.

2. Supply Your Audience with Compelling Content

This one speaks for itself. Try to sprinkle in a few calls to action to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

3. Be Human

Tweet, post, and share with emotion. Be genuine on your profiles and show your audience that you care about them. Create fun posts that thank your readers, share your favorite book reviews of the week, or share a "Book Shelfie" of a reader with your book on their shelf. 

4. Interact

It's common to assume that on social media the safest way to go is to resort to corporate responses. However, you're only holding yourself back if you're afraid to interact with fans. Being honest and approachable only will grow your audience. (Find a great example of Facebook interaction here!)

5. Stay Present

Need more than 140 characters to get your point across? Write a blog, and stay consistent. Link your blog to your social profiles (and vice versa). Like many other instances, consistency is key.  


Give these five tips a shot, and let me know if you notice a difference. Leave any of your social media questions below!

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  • maggie brooke

    great tips. looks like I have some work to do!

  • suzanne Adam

    I've been blogging now for over two years (tarweedspirit.blogspot.com), usually every 15 days. I include photos when I can.I get lots of "Hits" but no comments. Some friends have told me that they try to comment but are not able to do so. I even sent a list of names to Google to notify readers when a new post is up, but not all receive a notification. My blog also is connected to She Writes, Goodreads and my Amazon writer's page. I'd appreciate some pointers.

    Thanks, Suzanne

  • Michelle Cox

    Great tips, as always, Janay!

  • Sally Ketham

    Great article! Thanks! :)

  • Karen A Szklany Writing

    Great tips, Janay! I will try adding some to my repertoire.