How to become a good writer
Written by
Jana Rookard
January 2015
Written by
Jana Rookard
January 2015

Writing is a difficult job, especially these days, when you have a huge competition and tons of great writers that can outshine you. Today writing is not necessarily about talent, but about the persistence, the desire and creativity. If you have a great idea for a book, but you don’t think you are the next Shakespeare, don’t worry, as you still can create a great book. All you need is a desire, a plan, the time to write and some rules to follow.  So, simple rules of becoming a good writer include the following:

1. Constantly practice in creating written material. Simply put, try to write something on a regular basis, whether it will be short notes, articles or parts of your future book. You can start a diary; it is also a great writing exercise. Describe in details everything that is happening to you during a day and analyze it. It doesn’t matter what you write about, what matters is the writing practice itself. Don’t be afraid and don’t have any complexes; remember that if you don’t want it, no one will see your writing.

To become a good writer you can’t do without practice. If you don’t write often, you just won’t develop the necessary writing skills. So do this at least several times per week. The ideal option would be to do this every day.

2. Choose special hours for your writing practice as well as for writing the content that you will use in your works. It is recommended to set some special time for writing, for example 6pm – 8pm every day.

Actually, setting the strict writing time is not very important for your firs publications. However, this can help you develop a special habit that is a must for a successful writer. If you fail to do this, you will always have different excuses to postpone your work and it will be difficult to achieve something fast. I learnt that from my friend who works for the essay writing service She has to complete different orders in short time and she managed to develop this skill when she just sits down and does her job at the certain hours.

3. Have a strict rule to finish what you started. No matter how qualified, professional, skillful and talented a person is, it means nothing if he cannot finish the things that he started. It is an easy and very logical rule. If you don’t finish your books, you won’t publish them and you won’t become famous. So take is as a principle and to end everything that you start.

4. Treat your writing as a fascinating occupation and not as a hard labor. It is a very important moment as many starters lose interest in this niche because of it. If every time you sit down to write you feel excited and you know that you are going to create something interesting and important, you will do your work more effective and it will go much faster. If you sit down with the bad thoughts that you have to write, you won’t produce any good material.  

Even if you realize that, you may wonder how to acquire this good feeling about your writing work and how to make yourself work on the regular basis. The answer is simple: you don’t have to make yourself do it. I always say that you need to build your professional life in the sphere that you are excited about and that brings you joy. If you write about something that you are not interested in, it will be a burden for you.

5. Read as often as you can. All the successful writers share one common thing – they all are enthusiastic readers. The more a person reads, the better he writes. It is a proved fact. Think about it, there are only two ways to write good books. The first one is to practice regularly, which I mentioned in the paragraphs 1 and 2. And the second one is to learn from others. How can we learn? That’s right, we can read what they wrote.

Practically all the poorly written publications are created by people who don’t read much (or don’t read at all). I don’t want you to be those people, so my personal advice is to read every time you have a chance.

Well, that’s it, basically. Follow these recommendations and you may notice that you writing skills improve quite fast. 

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