Never pay anything additional for long distance calls.
Written by
Gloria Dillard
December 2014
Written by
Gloria Dillard
December 2014

Is your business paying too much for local and long distance phone calls? Join the thousands of smart businesses that are switching their business phone service to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and take advantage of unlimited business phone service.

Because most phone service providers charge by the minute when you are calling outside of your local business phone service area, you end up with a huge phone bill for your business phone service at the end of the month. Business VoIP phone service providers offer a flat rate monthly price so you don’t have to worry about paying anything additional when calling outside of your area code or anywhere within the United States.

Most business VoIP Service providers make it seamless and easy to switch your business phone service and keep you existing phone number over to their network. In additional to unlimited local and long distance phone service your business also saves 40-50% each month compared to typical office phone service plans.

This makes it easy to predict how much you’ll be spending on your business VoIP phone service and your business enjoys unlimited business phone service. When deciding on switching your local business phone service choose a local phone service provider so you can have someone t your office quickly in case you need support for your office phone service.

VoiceArray Communications is a business VoIP phone service provide that offers competitive prices and unlimited business phone service helping you save on your office phone service. For more information and package deals, please visit

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