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  • Touch Typing Software - A New & Easy Way To Learn Touch Typing
Touch Typing Software - A New & Easy Way To Learn Touch Typing
Written by
Joel Cordle
December 2014
Written by
Joel Cordle
December 2014

Whenever someone gestures the act of writing these days, you’ll see them move their fingers as if typing on a keyboard. True enough, the act of writing with a pen and paper is verging on becoming an archaic exercise. What do you think does the future has in store for us in terms of text input? It’s a safe bet that the glaring trend I’ve just brought up to you now will only proliferate.

Having said that, touch typing’s growing indispensability in society is already in sight.

What the heck is Touch Typing anyway?

Firstly, touch typing is a skill. And if you agree on my take on what’s to come, especially with all the iPad, the iMac, laptops and desktops going around; it’s a skill everyone need to polish off quickly. Basically, someone is touch typing when he or she is keying words and sentences on a keyboard without actually looking at the keyboard. Now isn’t that a neat trick to learn? It sure is, learning how to do it pays everyday of our lives. Before, folks in cubicles or at work may have found it an asset; but these days, one will find it useful as a student, a gamer, and people in every walks of life.

What are the importance of touch typing?

Now that you’re aware of what touch typing is, you’re probably wondering which occasions will you find this ability useful.

Well, obviously, working in any industry involving computers requires one to learn touch typing. For example, when being interviewed for most IT careers, you’ll be asked what your WPM is. That stands for “words per minute”. It’s indicative of how fast you are at typing. Employers often set the limit to at least 35 WPM, because it automatically guarantees that a person’s thoughts is converted to text quick enough --- hence, more productivity.

Even kids would have a tremendous advantage in school if they don’t have to be flimsy with the keyboard. Think about it, less time writing or typing stuff, means more time to read and study.

Various touch typing software

Because people demand it, software companies have stepped up and created guides for touch type for beginners. These are specialized software that can improve how a person interacts with a keyboard.

Some examples of ideal teaching touch type software are:

  • Online typing tutor
  • GS Typing Tutor
  • Typingstudy.com

All of them are intuitive, meaning their interface doesn’t require a user to have a high technical understanding. One can literally start improving his typing skill with tests, tutoring, and tips provided by these software. Even better is that most not only support the English language alone but a variety of languages and keyboard layouts. If you want to improve to say 60 WPM, it’s very possible because users really do achieve such a goal when they’re not looking at the keyboard at all when they need to type complete sentences and paragraphs unto a device.

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