This is Me.
Written by
December 2014
Written by
December 2014

Hello There. 

   If you're reading this then you have either noticed that I'm new to this SW world or you're lost or wandering about the site. Either way I feel it's appropriate to introduce myself.

   That's always a finger on the pause button for me. I'm not a person who can readily tell you about myself. I'm just not very good at it, so instead I'll let you see me. Not visually, because you likely can see my picture and now have a thought in your mind of what I might look like. I mean to say that I'll introduce you to my mind, and in a way, my soul, which is my work and the words that pour through my mind. 

I was born an artist, a dancer, a believer, a singer, but most of all I was born a writer. I draw and paint and create, but it is only within my words can I truly escape. 

I bury myself in my books, dreaming of passion that can only be written, and tales that can only be dreamed of. This is my escape.

My drive is my dream, my motivations come from my readers, and my inspiration is purely within my imagination. I sleep, wake, and breathe my stories. This, is my escape. 

This is Me. 

Let's be friends

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  • Kelle Grace Gaddis


    Nice to mer you! I'm new too. I'm just wandering around for a moment before going to sleep. I'm up in a few hours. I'll get the hang of this site soon.

    I agree that we artists are born and many of us multifaceted. I look forward to reading or hearing of your work. Nice meeting you. :)

    See you around!