Roman, a native of Hamburg, is cultured, go-to-hell handsome, wealthier than is good for anybody and nasty with it. But he has strong principles.

He’s a capital A Alpha, a capital D dominant, a capital M man, and a capital G gentleman. Try him for love and caring, albeit not without  a bruise or ten!

He loves his parents, especially his mother; he is the supreme commander-in-chief of his highly successful global businesses, which he built himself from the ground up; while he loves the fact that he is “what I am”, he adamantly refuses to be referred to as damaged; and he treats his "reigning queen" exactly like a queen, draping her in priceless gowns, jewels, and all the other accoutrements in exchange for her complete loyalty and sexual devotion. He never two-times, not even for a one night stand, unless it’s a ménage with an “expendable” third party. In the bedroom, he's a nasty Taipan and only his rules count - but top among the rules is complete satisfaction of the woman/women. He prefers relationships that leave him the option to leg it when he wants to. He never takes whips, floggers, chains and the like to his woman as he believes strongly in “pleasure, not pain” for both partners, and he has many varied and effective ways of extracting and dispensing pleasure. Still, he thinks vanilla is something for the chef on the Queen Mary

Then Roman meets the Eve that will bring his Dominant Adam teetering on the brinks of insanity... or maybe not quite. He’s suddenly wedged between three women:

Marie feels struck by thunder when Roman suddenly ends their eight-month relationship at the blink of the eye via telephone. However, she has an ace in her hands, which Roman does not know about. Marie is dead sure her incomparable weapon will lasso Roman right back to her.

Alyssa, heiress to a bakery imperium, falls hard for Roman at first sight. She believes she has found the love of her life and the dominant of her dreams. Until she is confronted with the reality that Roman  is simply using her to get to her best girlfriend, Shana.

Shana is not only Alyssa’s BFF (best friends forever); the two are also lovers. Shana feels safer sharing love with a woman instead of a man ever since a disastrous relationship in her younger years turned her off all men forever – a secret she has shared with no one, but Alyssa and Shana’s older sister. Then Shana meets Roman, who pursues her relentlessly all over Europe. He is determined to make Shana his, and what Roman wants, Roman gets. However, is Shana ready for a relationship with a man? Besides, Alyssa is head over heels in love with Roman, and the last thing Shana would do is take the man Alyssa loves away from her beloved girlfriend.

Roman’s biggest problem is that he has never had a woman as a rival. How do you fight a female off the woman you want to be not only your sovereign territory, but also yours forever? Certainly not with fisticuffs. Even more challenging, how do you persuade the object of your ultimate desire that you are just what the doctor prescribed for her?





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