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  • Create a Cozy Atmosphere by Transforming Your Flooring Decor with Carpets and Rugs
Create a Cozy Atmosphere by Transforming Your Flooring Decor with Carpets and Rugs
Written by
Joel Cordle
November 2014
Written by
Joel Cordle
November 2014

The varying seasons, the alteration of family events, or even a modification of your interior flooring- there are actually a lot of reasons why a person should consider transforming his or her home’s interior and give life to the floor’s decorations. In fact, one of the simplest ways to harmonize your home furnishings and alter the atmosphere of your home is to include carpets and rugs into your home.

Hence, when it comes to designing your floor, make use of modern rugs. The use of rugs as part of a living space has already been famous since the fifth century B.C. and with the improvement of the ages, rugs have also transformed in construction, design and technique. For someone who’s not very familiar with rugs and carpets, distinguishing between contemporary and modern styles can be difficult since both likely look the same.  However, when meticulous attention is exerted, distinctions between contemporary and modern rugs can be easy.



If you have a big family, investing in a rug can be a good idea. The floors will be protected from the daily destruction and messes that your kids and pets will usually inflict. If you are planning to do some remodeling to your home, it can be enticing to purchase an expensive rug to create a fabulous look, although there are several more durable choices that also have the capacity to endure the daily deterioration that your carpets or rugs will possibly suffer.


However, according to some experts, it is a must to purchase a rug that will complement the lifestyle that you have.  If you and your kids are fond of pets, make sure to purchase wool rugs which have patters that can conceal the unavoidable signs of age like hair, shedding, spills and stains.

 Placement & size

If you have a wide floor plan, it will come out as if your furnishing is floating. To avoid such issues, be sure to have a rug that is not bigger than the area that covers your furnishings so that it will anchor your space and nicely flow with the traffic pattern of the room.


When it comes to the size of the rug, it must be big enough to secure and carry the gathering area, but it must be free enough to maintain sufficient flooring for a circulation flow. It is important to have a creative, consistent flow between every room of your house.


Color Schemes & Patterns

It is said that the rugs can give an element of style or bold contrast to your room. An ornamental rug has the ability to bring attention to a piece of fixture that you would want to be the center of the room, which direct attention to your important recliners or sofas.


There are different aspects of the carpets and rugs that one must consider like to whom it will cater and the specific use on which it will be place. It is very essential to know these factors in order to benefit from this new home accessory.

While planning to integrate a carpet or rug into your home remodeling plan, take the advice of a rug expert for you to effective generate a cozy atmosphere to your room.

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