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  • ~ On the trail of Abundance ~ > My top three "Tears of Gratitude" moments this Thanksgiving season
~ On the trail of Abundance ~ > My top three "Tears of Gratitude" moments this Thanksgiving season
Written by
Loraine Van Tuyl
November 2014
Written by
Loraine Van Tuyl
November 2014

The bright and vibrant Thanksgiving season often invites me to exhale and gauge where I am along my writing, book publication, and spiritual journey. This time around, my very fruitful pubslush book campaign (www.amazonwisdomkeeper.pubslush.com) taught me that:

If you expand and deepen your circle of reciprocity, whatever you give forward, backward, sideways, up or down may take some detours, but will come back to you tenfold.

During the course of the 30 day campaign, I discovered how much more heartfelt words and touching exchanges took precedence over money and dollars (even though the campaign was set up to raise $). Here are my top 3 moments that remind me what drives my work:

1). My 11 year old daughter sitting me down, brushing my hair over my shoulders, and saying to me, "Mom . . I'm so proud of you." (Double-double-take, right? . . . perhaps it was seeing this new side of her spurred on by my surprise birthday/book campaign launch party that pushed me over the edge?)

2). Being supported and thanked by the parents of a client for helping their daughter cope and discover herself. A recent graduate, wise leader, and powerful healer in an agency serving the Bay Area indigenous community, she and her supervisees are helping their clients reconnect to their inner resources and traditional ways while addressing the most basic of their unmet needs, survival struggles, relentless setbacks, and repeating trauma stories. And making a dent!

3). Being serenaded in Surinamese Creole by a friend whose Maroon ancestral village in Suriname was flooded by a hydroelectric dam in 1958. She thanked me for spreading - and teaching her - the truth about the grass gate on my book cover and her culture, and shared how her people were "terrorized" into believing that many of these traditions were of the devil. They not only lost much of their sacred land but also their heritage.

I promised my supporters a 4X7 Mother Earth and 13 Full Moons blessing in gratitude for their support and this is what came through:

As you sit here alone,
in dark rich soil
and hear feasting and joy
above the ground,
know that you are the seed
that was at the heart and core
of the plumb and ripe harvest
just the year before.
How fast or slow you'll climb,
the size or color of your leaves,
whether sturdy tree or vine,
your fruit salty, sour, bitter, or sweet,
is irrelevant to who you
already are and will become.
Trust me to hold and nourish you
during the next four seasons
and thirteen full moons,
as you swell, burst, sprout,
root, grow, bud, and bloom,
and once again,
spread abundance around.

I'm grateful for this community of talented, caring, and giving She Writers, and wish you all a wonderful season full of abundance and love.

Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, is a holistic psychologist

and shamanic healer atwww.theSacredHealingWell.com

Also connect with her here:https://www.facebook.com/theSacredHealingwell



Her dream is to publish Amazon Wisdom Keeper through She Writes Press

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