This Is The Year He Lost The Shopping Cart
Written by
Ellie DeLano
November 2014
Written by
Ellie DeLano
November 2014

This is the year he lost the shopping cart

He's eleven, you know, and even though he's always ridden in the shopping cart (with Mom trying to haphazardly stack groceries in the seat and around him), he can't do that anymore

Because there are rules, and he's all about the rules

Autism is nothing but rules

At four, we told him that you're not allowed to wear diapers anymore when you're five

It was a rule, you see, so he worked it out and potty trained in a day 

At seven, the rules said Mom can't give you a bath anymore

He mixed up the shampoo and conditioner the first time, but he figured it out soon enough

When he turned ten, the rules said you can't go in the ladies' room with Mom anymore 

He was nervous and didn't like that one much, but now he's a pro

At twelve, the rules will say you can't play on the kids' playground at the mall anymore

That one kind of hurts to think about, since he relates so well to the preschool set

This is the heartache of having a kid who looks two years older but plays six years younger

This is autism, and this is what works

Losing a little more each year, forcing him into a new, adult-shaped mold 

One rule at a time
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