Mammography Monday's-Throughout The Year!

Happy Mammography Monday! or Tuesday...

Mammography Monday’s

Every Monday throughout the year I will offer a few tips to help you navigate through the process of having your mammogram.
Mammography is still the most effective tool in our arsenal in the fight against breast cancer. While screening mammograms will not cure breast cancer, it will position us to stay ahead of the curve in which for most of us is half the battle.


Using Your “I”s “Intellect and Intuition”

It’s Week Two and by now your mammogram report is back.

Using your “Intellect”

However, your work is not done. Remember for Women age 40 and older should have a mammogram every year and should continue to do so for as long as they are in good health. So set a reminder to schedule your mammogram for this time next year.

Know that “No News” does not mean “Good News’, it just means “No News” period. Make certain you are informed of your mammogram results in person or by a patient notification letter. It is the law!

Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) requires that "a summary of the written report shall be sent directly to the patient in terms easily understood by a lay person." This applies to every patient who receives a mammogram, not only self-referred patients. Failure to comply with this reporting requirement will result in a citation by FDA inspectors. Furthermore, "facilities must provide a summary of the results of the mammography examination written in lay terms to all patients within 30 days."

If additional follow up is recommended, please schedule your appointment. You have taken the first step to better breast health-don’t stop now.

Using your “Intuition”

Ladies your mammogram is done, at least for another year but you are not. Know it’s time to use your “Intuition”. All women are gifted with that inner voice that speaks; if we listen we can hear it pointing us to something that just isn't right.

Breast Inspection is one of the tools that will assist you with staying ahead of the curve of breast cancer by noticing changes in your breast.


Can you feel a lump? Either in the breast, upper chest or armpits.

Is there a lumpy area? Or unusual thickening of the breast tissue that doesn't go away?

Is there any unusual pain? Either in part of the breast or the armpit.


Any change in size or shape? For example, one breast might become larger or lower than the other.

Any change in skin texture? Such as puckering or dimpling of the skin of the breast.

Any change in color? For example the breast may look red or inflamed.

What about the appearance or direction of the nipple? For example, one might become inverted (turned in) when it normally points out.

Any unusual discharge? One or both nipples might have a discharge.

Any rash or crusting of the nipple or surrounding area?


Is anything unusual? If so, get it checked out by your doctor as soon as possible.

Listen to your “Intuition”-if you have a sense after your Breast Inspection, something is not right get it checked. It’s perfectly fine to be wrong-promise. It’s better to be certain.

Almost Done Ladies!

Now it’s time to tell another woman.

Share your experiences, good and bad.

What you have learned to do and not to do. It might save her life!

Done-great job!

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