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  • The 3 E’s of Reading: Easy, Efficient, and Effective
The 3 E’s of Reading: Easy, Efficient, and Effective
Written by
Pat Roa-Perez
September 2014
Written by
Pat Roa-Perez
September 2014

Reading helps writers with their writing, but finding time to read can be a challenge.

Before I decided to become a writer, I spent a lot of time reading. Nowadays, my time is divided among the many aspects of being a writer. The manuscript, the blog, honing the craft, social media, learning about the publishing industry, it all takes time. Lots of time!

Suddenly, I found myself spending less and less time reading.

I missed it and needed to find a way to make it easier, efficient, and effective.

And I did.

Here’s what I came up with and want to share with you.


First, I changed the way I looked at reading – had to be a book, uninterrupted time, and of my genre. The transformed view is everything and anything that will add to the writing life. A blog post, an e-book, a how-to-guide, it doesn’t matter. And it no longer has to be genre-specific. This transformed view of reading has made it EASIER to read.

By making it easier, I was able to EFFICIENTLY incorporate reading into my daily schedule without disrupting or adding to my workload. After all, I'm reading all day long! I no longer have the "excuse" to find or make time to read. 

From this transformed perspective, reading is more EFFECTIVE. It serves a purpose, helps me grow as a writer. And it's effective because it has become part of my daily routine, seamlessly and effortlessly. 

It's working, approaching reading this way. 

What’s your approach? Please share. 

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