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I'm excited that one of my early novels, Flingwill be published in the summer of 2015 by a small press. But now I'm overwhelmed with all of the marketing I'll have to do in order to make it successful. I've just read Promote Your Book: Over 250 Proven, Low-cost Tips And Techniques for the Enterprising Author. Okay, I'm enterprising, but I'm also dizzy with all of the suggestions, afraid I'll never find time again to actually write poems, stories, and novels. I'm wondering how others are handling the transition from writer to super saleswomen. Help!

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  • Thanks for the good advice!

  • Nancy Andres

    Thank you Gail Priest for the feedback. It's good to know this is something you're working through as well. Be well. Love well. Lead a colorful life! Nancy Andres

  • Gail Priest

    Thank you, Nancy, for your response to Lily.  I am also finding that it's not easy to balance the writing and marketing.  I'm still figuring it out.

  • Nancy Andres

    Dear Lily, I felt nervous too. What helped me the most was not to compare myself to what others are doing. I have learned to do what works for me, a balance between the writing, marketing, and publicity. Good luck and remember to inhale and exhale deeply. Nancy Andres, Author of Colors of Joy: A Woman's Guide for Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss.