How's the Book Going?
Written by
Morgan Prince
September 2014
Written by
Morgan Prince
September 2014

On a walk with friends this morning I got asked the question I dread the most.

"So, how's the book going?"


I haven't looked at my novel since the start of the summer holidays. That's more than six weeks ago. Two active boys at home vying for my attention can get quite difficult. Add to that days out, blogging and keeping the boys happy and the book gets pushed to one side. The holidays are always like this, whether it's summer, October half-term or Christmas.

After I told my friend I hadn't worked on the book this summer she let it go. Phew!

But now I feel bad/guilty. Research material is sitting on my desk waiting and instead I'm choosing to write a blog post. My finished first-draft/edited draft is waiting to be edited again but I need a coffee... And so it continues. Before October break I'll start work on the book, half-term will arrive and I'll be back here again. It's the cycle.

I should just ignore everything else and concentrate on finishing/publishing the book. I know I should. Really I do. But every day something comes up, a PTA meeting or the weekly shop, and I have to step away from the computer. So many things take up the time when the kids are at school and it can get overwhelming.

Sometimes I think I should give up on the book but the 'real' writer in me won't let me. Writing is what I want to do. It's my therapy. All I need to do is finish the book and release it.

What to do?

I should stop writing this blog post and open my research books. There's 30 minutes before I need to be at the PTA meeting and I'm busy after school. My opportunity to do research today is now.

So, coffee then research. Honest.

How do you manage your time?

Does life interfere with your need to write?

How do you cope with it?

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