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Always Tell Your Own Stories

Olaudah Equiano ( 1745-1797)

Kidnapped from Nigeria, taken to the Caribbean and then England, Olaudah Equiano wrote his autobiography, in 1789, detailing his life as a boy in his homeland, the Middle Passage and his life as a slave and free man. Equiano would become a prominent abolitionist in England and his book, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, which depicts the horrors of the slave trade, helped to eventually end Britain’s African slave trade in 1807, a few years after his death.

This book is available free online as well as from publishers like Dover Publications for less than $3.00. This is one of the first books I gave Sojourner, even before she could read it. It was positioned on one of our bookshelves with its front cover boldly in full view, serving as a reference for me to remind her and my son of the importance of always telling your own stories.

Throughout the week, in support of my Indiegogo campaign to get to London, I will profile various Brits of African descent and their contributions. Please support my fundraising campaign. Here is the link:

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