The Winter Rose
Written by
Lisa Dyer
August 2014
Written by
Lisa Dyer
August 2014

Yesterday I began a new part to my second novel The Winter Rose. This element is a 'story within a story' and I had to think long and hard about how I was going to deliver on this piece which is crucial to the story as a whole. Let me explain without giving away too much of the story at this stage:

The Winter Rose is a legend which I made up to serve the basic story line of the book. However, I want it to come across as a real story, so I'm writing it as a 'book' in its own right. This requires me to change my writing style somewhat and to adopt a style of writing that is supposedly someone else's! Also, I've changed the font I use to century which gives it the feel of being printed 60 years ago. This story will therefore appear first in the novel complete with title page, author, illustrator, publisher and publishing date. This should allow the reader to get a feel for the back story. 

Once this element is complete the modern day storyline begins with a reference to this legend. It is this 'story' which propels the protagonist to start her own journey of discovery. Much later on in the book the two storylines should merge and take the whole thing off into a new direction.

I've jokingly called it a supernatural romance time travelling murder mystery but really it's a good old fashioned ghost story I think, although, it is true that it has all those elements in it.

This part of the novel means doing a lot of research and then not letting that research show. I really enjoy this bit and also the fact that this part of the story is writing itself quite nicely.

So, there we have it...short and sweet. A made up legend written as if it were true and had been printed in 1952 as a story book by Mrs Audrey Dalton. A modern day protagonist using the book as a springboard for her own adventure and two worlds colliding...1415 and 2014.


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