Second Issue of My Newsletter Is Out!
Written by
Sherrey Meyer
August 2014
Written by
Sherrey Meyer
August 2014

Today marks the second issue of my new bi-weekly newsletter. Still experiencing growing pains and design decisions, but this issue is full of tips, links to articles, a grammar tip and news. If you're still pondering another newsletter in your inbox, don't wait too long because complimentary copies will soon expire.

For those who are already subscribed and new subscribers from here on out, my free e-book on the healing benefits of writing is announced in this issue. Sign up now to be among the first to receive it as it will be distributed to all current subscribers and then on a case-by-case basis for new signups.

You can view the newsletter by clicking here and you can sign up by clicking on the image below which takes you to the sign-up page:

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