Help Octavia Get to the Callaloo Workshop in London

                                                            The new school year is upon us, which often makes me think of the movie To Sir With Love and Sidney Poitier’s character and his unrelenting energy and commitment to transform the lives of his students. This is what we all want! To Sir With Love was based on the autobiographical book by Guyanese-British writer Edward Ricardo Braithwaite and his experience teaching in a tough school in 

London. Do check 

him out. He

has a fascinating history.

I am asking you to help me have a transforming experience in London.

I am a poet and community-based teacher who has been selected to participate in the Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop, which will be held this fall in London, England. Callaloo, a Journal of African Diaspora Arts and Letters based in Texas A&M University, is ranked as one of the top literary journals in the United States and is edited by the legendary Charles Henry Rowell. The workshop facilitators include novelist, essayist and Princeton Lecturer Maaza Mengiste, whose book Beneath the Lion’s Gaze is an international bestseller, and famed poet and Columbia University teaching fellow Gregory Pardlo. 

In light of the current Ebola crisis, I will work on a series of poems that highlight the human stories behind this global failure.

Here is a link to my Indiegogo Campaign:

Also here is a link to Chaka Khan singing To Sir with Love:

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