There'll Be Days Like These
Written by
Pat Roa-Perez
August 2014
Written by
Pat Roa-Perez
August 2014

Yes, there'll be days like today when things just don't happen...

When after hours of working on one single article, trashed it, couldn't write anymore because I was exhausted...

That after getting ready to work on my blog -- I wasn't able to get into it...

That after giving up on 1 and 2, moved on to "reading," and the kindle book I just bought would not download, still hasn't, stuck in kindle-land, where is it?...

That it's almost noon, have been up since 4 am, still in my PJs, and have yet to eat breakfast...

Fine. On days like these, I learned to do one thing -- surrender to what is, stand still, silent, and wait.


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