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Liminal Spaces: Women's Stories of Transition
Written by
August 2014
Written by
August 2014

“Birth is the death of the life we have known; death is the birth of the life we have yet to live. We need to hold the tensions and allow our circuit to give way to a larger circumference.”
~Marion Woodman

"Chrysalis" by Autumn Skye Morrison

At the end of April, my husband and I left our 452 square foot condo of nearly five years and moved into our first house. After a year of looking we finally found it – a beautiful little house in a neighborhood we adored. 

We gained ownership on Friday April 25th and were set to move in three days later. But when we got the keys that day and walked through the front door of our new home, instead of loving what was finally ours, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of unease. 

At first, it manifested in the physical flaws of the house - the dent in the living room wall, the crack in the tiles on the kitchen floor, the evidence of mice in the basement. These were not major problems of course; but they picked away at me, and soon progressed into larger concerns. Is this the right place for us? Can we really afford the mortgage? What will we find behind those 105-year-old walls?The happiness I expected to feel was eclipsed by an anxiety I couldn’t seem to shake. 

In truth, I was coming out of a long series of major life changes. Distracted by the practical details of a major move, my true feelings had no space.... Continue

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