Since You've Been Gone - extract
Written by
Lisa Dyer
August 2014
Written by
Lisa Dyer
August 2014

"Hal stared out of the vehicle window. They’d driven down after afternoon surgery and made good time. Even Michael could feel the frisson of excitement in Hal as he’d spied the splendour of Dover Castle on the hill top and caught his quiet “home” when he saw it. It was as if crossing the boundary, past the sign which welcomed them to “White Cliffs Country”, had released all the tension that had been building up inside of Hal and drained it away." 

"Before they arrived at Hal’s parents’, they’d stopped at the seafront so Hal could walk on the beach, drop down and feel the pebbles, and look out at the sea. It was a reconnection and it sent a wave of relief through Hal. Now he was protected. Nothing could get to him. This was home." 

"In the holidays, after school during the lighter evenings, and at weekends, Hal’s time had been spent on the playing field or closer to home playing Tin Pan Alley, or rounders in the cul-de-sac at the end of his road. He was never at home. Maybe he and his mates’d go up the high school banks with a piece of cardboard and fly down them at breakneck speed (even when they were told horror stories by the school about a girl who impaled herself on a spike, it didn’t stop them) . Now the banks were overgrown, unloved and uncared for. They took their skates up the school slope and contrived to lose their footballs in old man Mahone’s garden so they could scrump his strawberries." 

Hope you enjoy and that it whets your appetite for the whole story...Since You've Been Gone is published by Crooked Cat Publishing and available now.

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